The main role that content creators have held
Roles in which content creators also have experience, but not as much as in their primary roles (you may choose more than one)
Please provide keywords corresponding to the fields in which you have an expertise, which is different from your primary expertise.
Please provide keywords corresponding to the academic specialisation of your Masters degree or your PhD, e.g. archeobotany. Press comma or enter to provide more than one.
E.g. ISTJA, ABSW, NASW, WFSJ, etc. Press comma or enter to provide more than one.
Provide URLs where samples of your work are available. Press comma or enter to provide up to 10 URLs.
Please note, if you are unable to provide samples, you will be less likely to receive work offers
Commissions are allocated based on a keyword search for your fields of expertise, your specialisation and on tags related to your experience in professional content creation and communication, your location and language skills as well as a freetext search on your biography. Make sure you give details, which have not otherwised been captured in other fields, in your biography.
Please make sure you give the following details in your biography, as follows:
  • Provide a list of typical clients you have been working for in the past (i.e. specific organisation names).
  • Specify a list of scientific/academic disciplines or therapy areas previously covered.
  • Specify what kind of content format (e.g. plain language summaries) you have created in the past
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